Individual Therapy

Traditional individual counseling support is available to help individuals who are struggling with a variety of life challenges, including relationship concerns, stress, grief and loss, and work/life balance.

If you have recently experienced a life transition - either positive or negative - and are struggling to adjust to a new role, to find your life's purpose, to make sense of your personal history, or to connect with your authentic self - call today to make an appointment and begin your journey toward the life you desire.

In today's demanding culture of perfectionism, men and women often find themselves feeling alone without the supportive care needed to give voice to our experiences. Consequently, we can become overwhelmed with feelings of isolation, helplessness and hopelessness.

Specifically for women -

Our work together can address and find solutions to the variety of challenges women face today as we juggle demanding, conflicting roles and responsibilities. I work with women at various stages of development as they find their voice, build their individual and relational strength, and connect to their authentic self and claim their personal power.

  • Who am I? - The struggle of women in their 20s and 30s
  • Finding your "self" again - "I'm more than wife and mother"
  • Challenging the destructive "myth" of the perfect mother
  • Women at mid-life - Hormones and anger, role changes and "invisibility"
  • Managing the transition back into the "corporate" life after being a "SAHM"
  • Creating a more connected and loving marriage without partner involvement in counseling
  • Understanding and effectively managing stress and anxiety - How men and women manage stress differently and the ways these differences can destroy the relational connection we long for
  • Recognizing, understanding and appreciating the men in our lives - Allowing them into our hearts
  • Deciding whether to stay in your marriage or separate/divorce
  • Finding, claiming and enjoying your sexual self - It's about willingness and attachment needs more than desire
  • Managing the stress and complexity of relationship with and caring for aging parents
  • Building a strong, connected mother/daughter bond - with your mother and with your daughter

Specifically for men -

Men today are struggling with the after-effects of the feminist "revolution" of the 1970's. There is an expectation and demand that men continue to be the primary financial provider and family protector (as in the traditional marriages of old) -AND- the added expectation that they contribute 50% or more to the work of parenting and domestic responsibilities in order to have a good "peer/partnership" marriage - the ideal of today's couples. These competing demands expressed by wives and the social systems are having a serious effect on men, their health and the stability and happiness of their marriage today.

In a supportive and actively engaging environment, we will work together to find effective solutions to the issues which are blocking you from being the kind of marital partner, father, or son that you long to be - including

  • Understanding and managing anger - moving from destructive to constructive expression
  • Creating a more connected and loving marriage without partner involvement in counseling
  • Finding and practicing effective ways to connect physically and sexually with your wife
  • Finding and connecting to the wisdom of your heart
  • Building a new "tool box" of relational skills based on emotional connection with your wife and children
  • Learning relational repair strategies to assist in healing past relational wounds
  • Understanding and effectively managing stress and anxiety - including how men and women manage stress differently and the ways these differences can destroy the relational connection we long for
  • Effectively juggling time and role demands - the new "myth" of the perfect father
  • Understanding and effectively confronting the changing expectations of your wife - the feeling that "it's never enough"