Fees & Hours

Regular Hours

Tuesday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Standard Fee
$150 per 50-60 minute session
$225 for the initial session 90-minute session

Payment is due at each session by cash, check or debit/credit card.

At the current time (Jan 2018) I am actively working to remove myself from the BCBS of Illinois panel of providers. If you want to use your BCBS benefits, I am not able to take you on as a new client at this time. Once removed from the panel, I will be deemed an "out of network provider", eligible for reimbursement to you at out of network rates.

I want my clients to be informed consumers of their insurance benefits. There are responsibilities and risks to utilizing your benefits when submitting claims for reimbursement. In order to be eligible for benefits, you must receive a mental illness diagnosis. That diagnosis is then part of your permanent record and will establish a pre-existing condition, which may limit your ability for future coverage, or cause you to pay higher rates for mental health coverage in the future. As I'm sure you're aware, the entire insurance industry is in chaos right now - so I am unable to predict possible future constraints and risks. Please proceed with caution.

Not being in your insurance network does not necessarily mean you are "out of luck" in terms of working with me. You should be able to submit my invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement at "out of network" rates (with the exception of BCBS at this time). In this day of high deductible policies, there may be no cost difference to you as to whether you engage an "in network" therapist or myself. Please make an informed decision about the therapist who is the best fit for helping you with your issues balanced with the financial cost to your family.

Here are some questions to ask your health insurance company --

  • Does my medical plan cover mental health benefits or have they been "carved out" to another insurance or managed care company?
  • What is my annual deductible (individual and family) and have they been met? Is this determined on a calendar year basis?
    • In Network provider?
    • Out of Network provider?
  • What is the co-payment or co-insurance percentage per session?
    • In Network provider?
    • Out of Network provider?
  • Is advanced authorization or pre-approval required from the insurance company and/or my primary care physician?
  • What are the procedures required to submit out-of-network invoices for reimbursement?

Cancellation Policy
In order to accommodate clients waiting to schedule an appointment, I maintain a standard 24 hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel your appointment within 24 hours, you will be charged $100 for the session as that time is unavailable to other clients.

Please contact me for further information about fees and insurance by calling (847) 604-1516 .